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The Dreams of a Coma Patient

  • From TBN, issue 531 - 536
  • Guru's Talk: The Dreams of a Coma Patient
  • By Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Sheng-Yen Lu
  • Translated by Cheng Yew Chung
  • Edited by TBN

(From Book 177: Stories About Seeing Deities and Ghosts)

I was invited to visit a comatose patient. He was in a private room at a large hospital. The room was very spacious, the windows were sparkling, and the table was clean. This suggested the high status and wealth of the patient. The patient's room had a lot of medical equipment. There were IV tubes for feeding the patient nutritious food, tubes for draining fluids from the patient's body, and so on.

The person who invited me to visit the comatose man was the man's elder brother, who held very high positions, one as a very high-ranking government official and one as a prestigious chief executive in the business world. His younger brother's condition had been caused by a stroke, which had deprived his brain of oxygen and left him in a coma. The brother also held very high positions in both government and business and was also a very powerful man.

In my book, "The Dharma of Celestial Flying Rainbow," I wrote about a charm called the "Curing Brain Stroke" charm. Someone who had suffered a stroke had used my charm and recovered immediately. This high-ranking official and business leader had heard of this and had therefore invited me to see his brother.

When I arrived at the hospital, I had discovered that the patient was in a coma. I asked, "How long has he been lying in that bed?"

The older brother of the patient replied, "For close to a year."

"A coma is more difficult to heal [than a stroke]," I said.

"The doctor said so as well."

"As far as I am concerned, the only thing we can do is wait, nothing more."

"The doctor told me the same thing as well."

"There are only miracles left."

"That's why we invited Master Lu to come here, to take a look, to see if there is anything that can be done to save him."

I didn't say anything, but opened my [divine] eyes to watch him for a while.

I did not draw a charm for him.

I just set a boundary protection around the comatose man. It was the boundary protection of the "Vajra Wall." But I left a door open in the Vajra Wall.

When I opened my divine eye, I could see the dreams of the comatose man:

There were five or six ghosts lined up to enter the vast dream consciousness of the comatose man, through his crown chakra.

In his dream consciousness, he was having a dinner party at a restaurant. The five or six ghosts were at the party, having transformed their faces into the faces of the man's business acquaintances. They discussed business ideas with the man.

"You could purchase the lots to build a large shopping mall!"

"You could build a luxurious mansion, a building for celebrities!"

"You could net a profit of 80% of the selling price!"

The five or six ghosts and the comatose man in his dream world were drinking as well, drinking whiskey and champagne. They were drinking quite heavily. The comatose man in his dream drank to the point of becoming very drunk and dizzy, and everything was going black. The five or six ghosts were gone. The man urgently shouted, "Driver! Driver! Where is my driver!"

His driver came right away and brought the man to the car. He drove him home. The dream was close to finishing.

I also saw that the comatose man, after satiating himself with liquor and food, had vomited. This was all in the dream of the comatose patient.

A second scene followed:

I saw a female ghost entering the comatose man's dream consciousness through his crown chakra. The female ghost transformed herself into a young, beautiful female celebrity, exactly the same as one adored by the comatose man. The two began to become intimate, caressing each other.

The lady ghost had changed into a beautiful young female celebrity. Her beauty was breathtaking. She had a distinguished air of elegance and flirtatiousness. She immediately became naked, like a slender white-fleshed worm. The comatose man also became naked, another white-fleshed worm.

Their four legs were entwining. They were mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue. The two naked people threw themselves onto a spacious bed.

For a time, just as described in an ancient poem, "the storm clouds pelted rain upon the twelve peaks of Mount Wu, until the dew was dripping onto the peony, bringing it to blossom."

In his dream, the comatose man lazily stood up from the bed, exhausted. He stumbled as he moved. He was talking to the lady celebrity: "I'll give you a big diamond!"

The beautiful young celebrity replied, "I don't want any diamonds. I want to have a building!"

The comatose man answered, "Sure! Sure! Sure!"

The woman ghost disappeared. The dream was finished and ended here.

A third scene:

The comatose man was swimming in the swimming pool of his luxury mansion. While he was swimming, someone reported to him: "You have been nominated to be an Advisory Counsellor at the Presidential Palace."

"That's great! They'll give me money for my travel expenses."

Very soon, another person came to report to the comatose man in his dream: "There are more candidates shooting for the Advisory Counsellor position at the Presidential Palace."

"How can that be?"

"I need more money to give to (to bribe) the key people!"

The comatose man said, "It has to be seen as a contribution. We can say it's for disaster relief. Even if this title carries no privileges, I want it."

In his dream, the coma patient became the Advisory Counsellor at the Presidential Palace. At the Presidential Palace, he was presented with a certificate proclaiming him to be the Advisory Counsellor. On that day, the comatose man dressed neatly, in a freshly-pressed business suit, his shoes brightly polished. The comatose man shook hands with the president.

The title of Presidential Advisor, even though it was not the title of a powerful official, brought the comatose man much glory in his hometown and much honour to his family. That was quite okay with him.

When the dreaming comatose man pulled out his business cards from his pocket and saw his name with the title of "Advisory Counsellor to the Presidential Palace," he chuckled to himself. It certainly made him feel like the celebrity of celebrities!

In his dream, I could see the comatose man smiling, his mouth moving and lifting a little to form the smile. It could be said that this was a smile in a sorrowful state.

The fourth scene:

Another two ghosts appeared, transformed into the comatose man's creditors. They represented all of his creditors. They entered the man's crown chakra. These ghosts intended to collect the debt owed by the comatose man.

The comatose man had once managed a company, very poorly; he lost all the company's money. The company's creditors had seen very unhappy. The man's assets were more than sufficient to pay off all of the debts, with money left over. But he had refused to pay the debts and so did not.

The two creditor ghosts discussed the matter with each other but could reach no resolution. They were very angry.

The comatose man was also very angry. He said, "You scoundrels want my money! Don't you know that I am the Advisory Counsellor at the Presidential Palace?! I'm going to pound you!"

Then the three men were fighting, all tangled together.

Both sides were injured. The dream ended.

I also saw animal spirits entering the comatose man's crown chakra. These dreams were much more strange, upside down and downside up. And there were even more confusing, more weird dreams. They can never be described in detail...

At this moment, I discovered that the truth was that the comatose man had apparently been lying there like a vegetable, yet in the narrow space of his brain, all of his emotions were active, at any moment. The worldly people never know about this. They always consider the coma patient to be in a silent world, with no awareness, with no senses. Someone in a coma is thought to be apart from the rushing, busy-ness of the competitive world.

But after observing this comatose man for a while, I saw that it was really ridiculous-a man physically could do nothing, yet surprisingly in the limited space of his brain consciousness, it was: Compete! Compete! Compete! Rush! Rush! Rush! He again was drinking and having fun; he again was striving for fame and wealth. This comatose man was not aware of himself as a feebly-breathing, numbly-lying-there man. Was there really any difference between this comatose man and the worldly people?

The dreams of the comatose patient-can they be counted as one of the dharma realms? If dreams can be considered a dharma realm, then certainly the dreams of the comatose man were, too.

I could only laugh at the dream behaviour of the comatose man.

The ghosts were of course laughing at the coma patient.

The ghosts were even making a fool of the comatose man!

For those people whose remaining life is short, the sympathy of others is deserved. The more deserving of sympathy, though, is the one who becomes comatose and learns nothing about life being over in the snap of a finger. He was still fond of fame and fond of wealth; he was still fighting and competing with others. For such a situation, I can only sigh.

The older brother of the comatose man asked me, "Is there any miracle?"

I answered, "There is no merit [for me to save him.]"

I then said, "Even in his dreams, I found that no merit was being done. How then can a miracle happen?"

As I walked out through the main entrance of the hospital, I saw the "Deity of Death" entering.

In two or three moments, the comatose man would die.

The comatose man soon died.

A poem:

Outside, a hubbub of voices

Inside, people and spirits sharing loneliness

He wasn't even aware of where he was going or what he was doing

His remaining life was diminishing

Still he sang and drank like he was a young man

Still he considered himself a truly great man

Still he pushed for power and position

For this was he concerned

Leaving only I, the wise man

Feeling the sounds of autumn and the leaves fluttering down

Everyone the same, a short physical life

Cultivate and purify your heart as soon as possible

(The end)










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